Aluminum and Glass


We’ve evolved with you to be your perfect ally for aluminum and glass works. From residential houses up to the country’s most representative monumental projects, we fulfill our clients’ quality demands with the most complete product portfolio of the market.

The most complete product line of adhesives, tapes and sealants.

We are the integral expert you need:

  • Families of adhesives and sealants with a guaranteed product for every application.
  • The most prestigious 100% PVC seals with over 600 designs, 1,600 measurements and 5 different colors.
  • Ideal adhesives, tapes and sealants for your structural glass installations, aluminum panels and polycarbonate systems.
  • We exclusively loan bombing equipment to ease sealing in big buildings.
  • Certifications, Led policies and quality guaranteed for your demands.
  • Technic assessment, lab tests and GE’s technical support.
  • Ongoing training program created with the purpose of creating a network of professionals specialized in the correct and efficient use of our adhesion and sealing solutions.

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