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Long-lasting siliconized acrylic sealant ideal for window or door framing, as well as filling in cracks no wider than 6mm […]

AT-60, high fixation

Highly resistant, high modulus, fast-curing hybrid polyurethane adhesive, with exceptional long-term physic-mechanic and adhesive properties. It’s solvent-free and doesn’t shrink, […]


Highly adherent sticky-paste assembling sealant based on non-vulcanized butyl rubber. It prevents corrosion between materials, seals assembling joints between aluminum […]


Ideal for window or door framing and perimeter tipping, as well as sealing galvanized sheet roofs and achieving hermetic, weatherproof […]


Silicone sealant that cures with atmospheric moisture. Ideal for joints in smooth materials such as windows, metals, aluminum, porcelainized pottery, […]

pens alumipanel®

One-component, neutral-curing silicone sealant specially designed for joints on porcelain or aluminum composite panels. It possesses an excellent weathering resistance, […]

pens® construction II

One-component, neutral-curing silicone sealant specially designed to seal planar, suspended and integral glass facades. It possesses excellent weathering resistance, allowing […]

pens® foam

Polyurethane foam designed to fill-in, isolate and seal; great to seal wide joints or separations between walls and door/window frames. […]

pens® HI-BOND

Highly resistant adhesive with exceptional long-lasting mechanic properties, ideal for adhering prefabricated material panels, wooden baseboards, tiles and construction/decoration materials. […]

pens® HI-TECH

Hybrid polymer sealant with excellent physic-mechanic properties, allowing it to keep its elastic-adhesive characteristics for a long time. Ideal for […]

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