RTV 100, high temperature

Acetic-curing silicone sealant resistant to high temperatures. It cures with atmospheric moisture, producing a long-lasting seal that resists a wide range of temperatures, making it ideal for several applications in automotive and general industry.

Resists high temperatures: up to 200°C for the black and gray presentations (continuous exposure) and 260°C for the red presentation (short periods).
Excellent performance in extreme temperature conditions.
Quick formation of skin.
Excellent adhesion to metals (ideal for repairing industry machinery).

*Special colors upon request

RTV 200, food grade

One-component, acetic-curing silicone sealant, designed for applications involving food storage or processing. Once cured, it acquires flexible and long-lasting properties.

FDA/NSF approved.
Fast cure time.
Applies easily.
Resistant to low temperatures.
Perfect for applications in food industry.

pens® marine sealant

Solvent-free hybrid sealant ideal for applications on dry and wet surfaces, even under water, keeping its elastic and adhesive properties for a long time. Creates elastic, hermetic, waterproof and log-lasting seals between porous-porous and smooth-porous materials.

It can be painted once fully cured.
Fast cure time.
Excellent movement capability.

pens® PVC

Elastic, neutral-curing alkoxy silicone sealant specially designed for perimeter tipping between PVC windows and different material walls, like masonry or glass.

Adheres to most surfaces without using primer.
Compatible with a great variety of PVC profiles.
Excellent weathering resistance.

*Special colors upon request.

pens® polycarbonate

One-component, neutral-curing silicone sealant with an excellent weathering resistance; specially designed to seal plastic and polycarbonate in general.

Great movement capability.
Long service life.
Adheres to most surfaces without using primer.
For curve or straight polycarbonate.

*Special colors upon request.

pens® construction II

One-component, neutral-curing silicone sealant specially designed to seal planar, suspended and integral glass facades. It possesses excellent weathering resistance, allowing it to keep its elastomeric and adhesive properties for a long time.

Great movement capability.
Great for general glazing; compatible with all kinds of glass, including the ones with special properties.
Excellent adhesion to porous surfaces and most construction materials.

*Special colors upon request.

pens alumipanel®

One-component, neutral-curing silicone sealant specially designed for joints on porcelain or aluminum composite panels. It possesses an excellent weathering resistance, allowing it to keep its physic and mechanic properties for a long time. Very useful in porcelain, metallic or painted panels in facades and for perimeter tipping between aluminum windows.

Excellent resistance to UV rays, acid rain and salt moisture.
Compatible with Kynar paint or similar.
Great movement capability.

*Special colors upon request.


Ideal for window or door framing and perimeter tipping, as well as sealing galvanized sheet roofs and achieving hermetic, weatherproof joints. Useful for porous or smooth surfaces like aluminum and walls.

Meets and exceeds standard ASTM C-920 class 25 NS type requirements.
Doesn’t stain natural stones.
When fully cured, it can be exposed to drinkable water.
Adheres to porous-smooth surfaces without using primer.
Resists microorganisms’ attack.
Doesn’t drain when applied vertically or upside down (joints with a 20mm maximum width).
Excellent weathering, aging and salt moisture resistance.

*Special colors upon request.


Highly adherent sticky-paste assembling sealant based on non-vulcanized butyl rubber. It prevents corrosion between materials, seals assembling joints between aluminum molds in workshop glazing.

Great adhesion to any dry surface.
Keeps the same sticky, plastic, non-vulcanized consistency.
Doesn’t harden nor dries.


Long-lasting siliconized acrylic sealant ideal for window or door framing, as well as filling in cracks no wider than 6mm on surfaces that will be painted or waterproofed later.

Great adhesion on porous or smooth and slightly humid surfaces.
Matte finish.
Flexible and paintable.
Fast cure time.

*Special colors upon request.

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