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According to the Federal Law of Personal Data Protection (“the Law”), PRODUCTOS PENNSYLVANIA S.A. DE C.V. (“PPSA”), located in Camino a San San José No. 1, Fracc. Parques Industriales, C.P. 76169 in Querétaro City, Qro., presents the following privacy policy taking full responsibility over the adequate use and safekeeping of personal data that you (“the titular”) give away by electronic means or in a direct way, expressing that said personal data will be treated by PPSA according to the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, finality, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility that “the Law” establishes.

The personal data received will be used for the following described though not limited purposes:

  1. Create a customer record. 2. Launch orders by any agreed via. 3. Sell and deliver products. 4. Inform about news, sales, points of purchase, support materials, technical assistance. 5. Give billing, product delivery, account balance and payments related information. 7. To develop selection and recruitment activities.

“The titular” by reading the following policy gives PPSA consent to manage the personal data given, o for these to be transferred to a third party according to “the Law”.

It is important to inform “the titular” that they can at any time revoke the consent given to “PPSA” to manage, limit the use or divulge their personal data, as well as exert their Access, Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition rights (“ARCO rights”) as predicted in the law, by sending a requisition to the email

The requisition must have:

  1. Full name and address or other way to give an answer to the inquiry. 2. Documents to prove identity, or legal representation of the solicitant. 3. Clear and precise description of the personal data of which the solicitant wishes to exert their “ARCO rights”. 4. A written manifesto to revoke the consent given to treat the solicitant’s personal data and, therefore, to stop its usage. 5. Any other element that will make it easier to find the personal data.

All personal data given to “PPSA” will be protected accordingly through technological, physical and administrative safety measures to prevent its illegal usage or divulgation. However, “PPSA” in no way guarantees the safety of the information, or the fact that it can’t be intercepted, altered or stolen illegally by a third party.

“PPSA” reserves its right to modify this privacy policy at any given time, letting “the titular” know about said modification through its website.

Last modified January 3rd, 2013.

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