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We orient our products to 4 markets:


Aluminum and glass

We’ve evolved with you to be your perfect ally for aluminum and glass works. From residential houses up to the country’s most representative monumental projects, we fulfill our clients’ quality demands with the most complete product portfolio of the market.


Home and Hardware

Productos Pennsylvania has grown hand in hand with the Hardware market, and for over 70 years our sealants and adhesives remain the customers’ favorites.



In the past years, the wide variety and innovation in Construction and Decoration materials has been the main challenge for our product portfolio evolution, forcing us to deliver the ideal product to solve every adhesion and sealing problem.



With 70 years of experience in sealants, we are now serving the Manufacturing Industry to offer a greater range of specialized solutions with the best cost-performance rate in the market.

Our History:

With 70 years in the market, we are positioned as one of the leader brands in the sealing industry, thanks to a quality and service philosophy. We have presence all over México and internationally, in countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

A responsible and creative attitude in addition to technological development has allowed Productos Pennsylvania to incursion in new product lines used in several kinds of industries, especially: glass, aluminum, carriage, automotive, construction, refrigeration and hardware.

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