RTV 100, high temperature

Acetic-curing silicone sealant resistant to high temperatures. It cures with atmospheric moisture, producing a long-lasting seal that resists a wide range of temperatures, making it ideal for several applications in automotive and general industry.


  • Resists high temperatures: up to 200°C for the black and gray presentations (continuous exposure) and 260°C for the red presentation (short periods).
  • Excellent performance in extreme temperature conditions.
  • Quick formation of skin.
  • Excellent adhesion to metals (ideal for repairing industry machinery).

*Special colors upon request

Colores Disponibles:




Presentaciones Disponibles:

  • 75g
Hardware/DIY Industry

Cure rate:

2 mm per day

Movement capability:

+/- 25%

Service temperature:

-60° C to 260° C (red) / -60° C to 220° C (black and gray)


One cartridge lasts 7.75 m, in 6x6 mm joints, considering a 7% waste.

Shelf life:

18 months kept in a fresh and dry storage.

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