Polybutene-based, slightly hard, solvent-and-asbestos-free, white sticky mastic sealant with great adhesion. It is recommended for sealing joints in the refrigeration and electric industries.

Adheres to all solid and dry types of material.
Non-toxic and non-flammable.
Ductile, malleable and easy to use.
Avoids galvanic corrosion by limiting metal contact.

RTV 100, high temperature

Acetic-curing silicone sealant resistant to high temperatures. It cures with atmospheric moisture, producing a long-lasting seal that resists a wide range of temperatures, making it ideal for several applications in automotive and general industry.

Resists high temperatures: up to 200°C for the black and gray presentations (continuous exposure) and 260°C for the red presentation (short periods).
Excellent performance in extreme temperature conditions.
Quick formation of skin.
Excellent adhesion to metals (ideal for repairing industry machinery).

*Special colors upon request

pens® marine sealant

Solvent-free hybrid sealant ideal for applications on dry and wet surfaces, even under water, keeping its elastic and adhesive properties for a long time. Creates elastic, hermetic, waterproof and log-lasting seals between porous-porous and smooth-porous materials.

It can be painted once fully cured.
Fast cure time.
Excellent movement capability.

pens® prefabricated LM

Low modulus, one-component hybrid sealant specially designed to seal expansion and control joints in concrete, cement, fiber cement and plaster prefabricated constructive systems.

Excellent adhesion without using primer.
It can be applied on humid surfaces.
For joints up to 4.5 cm wide.
It can be applied on porous and smooth materials.

pens® polycarbonate

One-component, neutral-curing silicone sealant with an excellent weathering resistance; specially designed to seal plastic and polycarbonate in general.

Great movement capability.
Long service life.
Adheres to most surfaces without using primer.
For curve or straight polycarbonate.

*Special colors upon request.

pens® HI-TECH

Hybrid polymer sealant with excellent physic-mechanic properties, allowing it to keep its elastic-adhesive characteristics for a long time. Ideal for achieving elastic, hermetic, waterproof and long-lasting seals between porous and smooth materials.

Paintable (once fully cured).
It can be applied on humid, wet and underwater surfaces or even during rain.
Cures quickly.

*Special colors upon request.

pens® HI-BOND

Highly resistant adhesive with exceptional long-lasting mechanic properties, ideal for adhering prefabricated material panels, wooden baseboards, tiles and construction/decoration materials.

Immediate adhesion.
Excellent load-bearing capacity (22 kg/cm2).

pens® foam

Polyurethane foam designed to fill-in, isolate and seal; great to seal wide joints or separations between walls and door/window frames. Once applied and fully cured, it can be painted.

Easy to use and apply.
It expands 200% its volume.
Waterproofing, coatings or plaster can be applied once fully cured.

pens® construction II

One-component, neutral-curing silicone sealant specially designed to seal planar, suspended and integral glass facades. It possesses excellent weathering resistance, allowing it to keep its elastomeric and adhesive properties for a long time.

Great movement capability.
Great for general glazing; compatible with all kinds of glass, including the ones with special properties.
Excellent adhesion to porous surfaces and most construction materials.

*Special colors upon request.

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